FAQ: What other interesting materials are used in Oak Roads travel gear?


Aside from all the leather and canvas items we carry on Oak Roads, we also have a number of items fashioned from more unusual materials:

  • Recycled Seatbelts - U.S.E.D., one of our Canadian suppliers, designs exclusively with reclaimed seatbelts salvaged from the auto wrecking yards. Not only do they use the nearly indestructible nylon webbing, they also use all the clasps and buckles as well, making for the ultimate in road-worthy travel gear.
  • Military Grade Rubber - Okay, this stuff is so ultra top secret we don't even quite know what it does but we think it's what they use to make UFOs out of. One of our American suppliers, Wheelmen & Co, integrates big panels of mysterious military grade rubber into almost all of their gear. They use it anywhere they want to battle the forces of moisture damage and excessive wear but also simply in places where they want you with a little extra grip on your items.
  • Anti-Microbial Nylon - Why line your favorite shave kit with unbreathable plastic that's only going to tear, smear and attract mildew? Gross! Well the guys over at Libero Ferrero were definitely onto something when they chose to line their amazing GI Dopp Kits with a breathable, germ-fighting nylon textile instead.

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