FAQ: What's the best material for rugged and stylish travel gear?


I guess it depends on what you want your travel gear to do. At Oak Roads, none of us are trying to hoof it to the south pole, free-climb Mt. Everest, or play a round of golf on the moon. If that's what you're trying to do, you're gonna need some pretty specialized mad science kind of gear.

But if you're looking for solid reliable gear that gets you to and from work on your daily commute, hauls everything you need for that road-trip adventure with friends on the weekend, and still has your back for those unexpected moments where you find yourself hitchhiking the Himalayas or flagging down a tuk-tuk in Tuktoyaktuk... Well that's the kind of travel that Oak Roads is all about and, hands down, the absolute best material for that kind of travel is good old-fashioned high-quality leather.

Why leather? Well, for starters, leather's tough and can take a beating on your behalf when you need it to - it can save your life in a bar brawl or a motorcycle accident (or both, if that's the way you roll). Secondly, leather can also teach us young bucks a thing or two about aging well - like a good scotch, leather actually gets better with age and adventure, shaped by use and developing a rich story and patina that no other material can match. Lastly, it works hard and cleans up nice - if you need to go from the boardroom to the billabong and back, leather is one of the only materials out there that can really do that in style.

So if you're wondering why so much of our rugged and stylish travel gear at Oak Roads is made out of leather, well that'd be why...

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