Every man has a road. Find yours with rugged and stylish men's travel essentials from Oak Roads

The Oak Roads Story

Everyone has a road to travel, a journey only they can make. This one is mine.

I've lived in a lot of places and it's always the roads that I remember most: the dusty rural routes of a prairie childhood; the ragged "freedom road" that cut west into Labrador's endless wilderness; the daily jostle of the downtown subway on my commute to work; the life-and-death taxi ride that hurtled through the Jamaican night to a hospital in Kingston; the many mornings I woke up in the back of an old converted schoolbus, our journey already underway, the Latin American highways steadily disappearing into the distance as I slept.

Welcome to Oak Roads, my little waystation on the web. Here I sell and celebrate a hand-curated selection of rugged and stylish leather bags and jackets to help you pursue your own road, wherever it may lead. These high quality bags are made by talented craftsmen, artisans and entrepreneurs, most of them based right here in Canada and the United States. My supply partners include a carefully selected mix of independent artisans, up-and-coming studios, and longstanding heritage brands that wear the marks of history with pride.

The inevitable bangs and scrapes of a life well lived soften into a rich patina and high quality leather goods like those found here on Oak Roads will continuously shape and reshape themselves to your lifestyle. Leather is my favourite material, whether for travelling or for my daily commute, and you'll find it throughout the site.

If you would like to check availability of an item or need help finding your road, please get in touch by emailing welcome@OakRoads.com or using the form below. You can also check out our FAQ to learn more about how to shop for, purchase, and care for your Oak Roads bag or jacket.

--Rob from Oak Roads


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