Scully Leather - Craftsmen in leather bags and jackets since 1906Scully Leather

  • Type: Longstanding Heritage Brand

The Scully Leather tradition began in 1906 in Napa, California with the manufacture of fine gloves and jackets. Before long, they were manufacturing military issue flight helmets and jackets for WWI and WWII pilots.

Their product line expanded over the years to include leather flying helmets, luggage, briefcases, agendas, portfolios, wallets, handbags and personal leather goods.

Scully's involvement in a long line of historical events, including Admiral Byrd's expeditions to the Antarctic for which Scully was an official supplier, resulted in the permanent display of their creations in both the Smithsonian Institute and the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.

Explore Scully Leather's Feature Collections:

  • 81st Aero Squadron - vintage walnut brown lambskin inspired by the warm shearling jackets they supplied to bomber pilots during World War I and II.
  • Vintage Motorcycle - sanded black calfskin inspired by the well-worn, padded look of vintage motorcycle racing jackets.